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Body 20 Pinecrest

Body 20 Pinecrest


About Us

Body20 Pinecrest provides 1-on-1 private training utilizing electrical muscle stimulation (EMS). Just one 20-minute session gives your body more than 36,000 muscle contractions, which is 150 times more than conventional training. We also actively track your progress with a weekly InBody analysis.

We offer 3 types of training: Strength, Cardio, and Relax. Our Strength and Cardio sessions produce 3x more growth factor than conventional training, 20 minutes of Body 20 training equals hours in the gym, our training relieves back pains & improves posture, reduces cellulite, increases muscle & definition, Increases metabolism & endurance, easy on the joints & tendons, our training is fully customizable, and is suitable for individuals of all ages and fitness levels.

At Body20 Pinecrest, we have a love for fitness and a passion for people. With the guidance of our fitness professionals, we want to create a culture where people love themselves and prioritize their health. Take back your time and take back your body with us!


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